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    Who Should a Libra Marry?

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    Are you wondering “Who should a Libra marry?” We’ve got the answers to all your Libra compatibility questions. Typically, when looking into zodiac compatibility questions, signs associated with the same element always tend to foster meaningful relationships. But, many signs outside of the same element can also have deep, loving relationships. First, let’s dive into what it means to be an air sign and how you relate with other signs of the same element.

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    Understanding Air Signs

    Of the four elements, earth, wind, fire and air, Libra is an air sign, along with Gemini and Aquarius. All three of these signs are known for their ability to communicate. They love to discuss anything from the latest show they’re bingeing to what’s happening in politics that day. Libras in particular are vocal about their thoughts and beliefs, but they are also harmonious people that seek justice and balance, which makes it easy for them to listen to others. 

    Not only do they enjoy talking, but their tendency toward wit and intellect makes them interesting to listen to. They can be charming people, but they are also deep thinkers with interesting ideas. 

    All three air signs lean toward the extroverted side, making a lot of friends and usually always having something on their social calendar. 

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    Libras and Other Air Signs


    Geminis have very curious minds, much like Libra, and Libra’s strong conviction — love for justice — and intriguing beliefs will immediately spark Gemini’s interest. Both signs are witty, so the banter will flow easily upon first meeting. They will have many things to talk about and fun experiences to share in the beginning of the relationship. 

    Gemini tends to shy away from commitment and Libra craves a deeper connection, which could potentially cause issues. However, these two signs enjoy each other’s company and personalities so much that they can overcome this potential difference in opinion through their ability to openly communicate with others.


    Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac. They care deeply about causes like world hunger and social justice. Because of Libra’s own desire for justice and peace, they are highly intrigued by Aquarius and their many causes. Sharing that same air sign wittiness, they also have excellent, easy conversation. 

    Aquarius is more likely to provide Libra with a similar desire for a true partnership. Both signs favor harmony and peace, so they quickly work through disputes with logical communication. Aquarius is known to be fiercely independent, and they cling to that, which is something for Libra to be mindful of, though they can easily understand and provide Aquarius with the space they need. 

    Because of all these shared air sign traits, Libras are highly compatible with both Gemini and Aquarius. But these are not the only signs Libras might create a lifelong relationship with.

    Libras and Other Elemental Signs

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    Sagittarius and Libras can be a match made in heaven. The air signs calmness can cool down Sagittarius’ fire from time to time, but overall they have an easy understanding and both thrive on wisdom and intellect. Libra admires Sagittarius' strong ideals and shares many of their same beliefs. They are also both fun-loving signs that seek adventure and new experiences, making it an excellent match with plenty of activities to try together. 

    When wondering who a Libra should marry, Sagittarius is a great contender as these two can spend the rest of their lives pondering life’s questions and exploring new places. Both signs can be indecisive and change plans on a dime, so, as long as they can understand these elements of the other’s personality, they will have a long, happy relationship.


    Another fire sign, Leo is known for being lighthearted and likable — two things that Libra values and often exudes themselves. These two are often the cutest couple at the party, chatting up all the guests and generally having a good time. Leo and Libra crave committed  relationships from loving partners, which is the best setting for a great relationship. As with other Libra partners, Leo must learn to respect and understand Libra’s desire for many different friendships and not get jealous when they’re busy with others.

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