Personalizing Your Birthday Celebrations with Horoscope Candles

No matter your age, there's something to look forward to every single year…and that's, of course, birthday celebrations! Personalizing your big day with zodiac customized candles and books will make it a memorable experience, whether you like to go out and have a huge party or spend it more quietly with loved ones at home.

And since Gemini is the sign of "the twins," from May 21st-June 20th (especially for people with birthdays during those dates), birthday gift sets are the way to go. 

Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite birthday pairings in honor of the dual nature of this season.

Personalized Birthday Book and Candle

A birthday book and birthday horoscope candles will delight the senses in multiple ways. The Birthdate Co. Birthday Book is 80+ pages packed full of information completely customized based on the person's birth information.

Astrology birth chart books like these make wonderful gifts that can sit out on a coffee table for display and share interesting insights with guests. And if you really want to up their coffee table game, add a cute candle in their favorite color. They can put both out together and burn the candle while reading about their unique birth chart.

Horoscope Candle and Tarot Deck

If your friend is especially spiritual, the perfect pair of gifts might just be a spiritual candle and a Tarot deck. Because both Tarot and astrology are more popular than ever right now, there are a plethora of Tarot and oracle decks to choose from.

Tarot cards coordinate with the astrological signs, making it a perfect present with a horoscope candle. Birthdate Co. candles even mention the corresponding Tarot card on the label, so you can find that card in the Tarot deck and learn all about them together.

A horoscope candle from Birthdate Co. is the perfect intentional item to have burning while you do Tarot readings with your new deck of cards. And if you invite people over to celebrate, you can also do readings for them!

Astrology Birth Chart Books and Jewelry

Astrology, and birth chart books, make for beautiful birthday gifts because they're packed with interesting information. Not only do Birthdate Co.'s Birthdate books have information on the person's Sun sign, but they include the Moon sign, Venus, Mars, and all of the other planets! This is a gift that is genuinely ever-giving.

Pairing a personalized birthday book with a piece of jewelry makes the gift even sweeter and especially if the jewelry also happens to honor their astrology! The Birthdate Co. pendant necklace echoes the astrology birth chart books in that it has multiple stones that align with the person's astrology.

These two gifts are a beautiful way to display exactly what makes a person unique.

Tarot Candle and Birthdate Candle

You can never have too many candles, according to a wise person (we're the smart person). This option is a great way to personalize a birthday gift for a serious candle lover. The Birthdate Co. Tarot candles have a completely unique Tarot charm hidden inside them, and as the wax melts, it makes for a fun and interactive way to celebrate a birthday.

The receiver can simply ask a question they want answering, then wait for the candle to melt down to reveal the Tarot charm inside. Another way to work with this special candle is to let it reveal the theme of the person's year ahead.

Paired with personalized candles for birthdays, this is a candle duo that celebrates the yin and yang of birthday gift sets! 

So whether it's a Gemini friend you're looking to celebrate or if you're the one with a birthday coming up, personalizing your birthday celebrations with horoscope candles has never been easier.

Favorite Birthdate Astrology Candles

The Birthdate Candle

A candle crafted for the day you were born


The Birthdate Candle set

For a limited time, gift multiple candles and save up to 20%!


The Tarot Candle

With a surprise gold-plated charm inside