What Makes Personalized Birthday Gifts So Special? A Meaningful Gifting Guide

What Makes Personalized Birthday Gifts So Special? A Meaningful Gifting Guide

Finding the right birthday present can get stressful. To help, we’ve come up with ways that you can find the best personalized birthday gifts for anyone on your list. What makes a birthday gift so special? How can you find the perfect gift? 

Birthdate Co. wants to help make any occasion special, so we have ideas that can help you to blow anyone’s mind. Each of our gift ideas is unique and different, and we also wanted you to know why we think they’re so special. Don’t give up on finding that perfect gift yet! We’re here for you.

What Makes a Gift Special?

Before we look into different personalized gift ideas to help you find the right one for anyone on your list, let’s dive a little bit into what makes them special.  

The first factor that is essential to finding a special gift is the thought that you put into it. There is just a different feeling between gifts that you just grab at the last minute and one that you spend time looking for and picking out. Trust us, people can tell. Even the “wrong” gift, when given with love and thought behind it, will make someone happier than one with no thought at all.

One of the main goals of a gift is helping someone else to focus on self-care. So many people are great at giving gifts but terrible at receiving them. It’s easy to find something fun and exciting for other people, but they often wouldn’t even consider spending money on themselves in the same way. 

That’s a great approach to gift-giving, in fact. Buy gifts for people that you know they would love but would be unlikely to spend their own money on. This is the gift-giving sweet spot, and what you should be aiming for. 

In addition, any gift that you give should also come with a handwritten card. For a lot of people, the card is actually the best part! Although we all know we should, it’s often hard to find the right time and place to tell the people closest to us how much they mean to us and how important that we are. Cards are the perfect opportunity to do that, without having to physically say it (although you should say it, too!).

Constellation Maps

One of our favorite personalized birthday gifts that has been making the rounds lately is constellation maps. There are a variety of different options out there with the same basic concept, but each of them comes from the same origin. The idea behind the constellation map is to capture a specific moment in time, one that is important to you. 

When it comes to personalized birthday gifts, getting them a constellation map of the precise moment in time that they were born will be a total game-changer. 

The creators of the constellation map take the snapshot of where the sun, moon, stars, and planets were at the moment that the special person in your life was born. They then put that map onto whatever medium you’ve chosen—a wooden board, a painting, etc. You can even add a specialized message, name, quote, or whatever you want at the bottom. It’s a great way to honor the fact that you respect them and their interests, while also giving them a stunning, personalized gift to hang on the wall.

Pet Products

Do you have someone in your life that loves their pet more than they love themselves? 

Honor the unique bond that your giftee has with their special pet by getting them personalized birthday gifts for both of them. One of the best ways to do that is with matching jewelry that they can share with their cat or dog. Locket sets that they can wear as a necklace and your pet can wear on their collars are popular, but you should do whatever it is that you know they would love. 

You could skip the middleman and get them a gift with their pet specifically in mind. Embroidered and customized bandanas, collars, beds, leashes, etc. are great ways to get someone a gift without really getting them a gift, especially if they’re the type of people who continue to insist that they really don’t want anything. That way, you’re respecting their wishes while also making their pet look extra fabulous. Win-win, right?

Birthdate Candles

Another astrology-based gift that is sure to please anyone is one of our Birthdate Candles. Just like the constellation maps, Birthdate candles are designed with your specific birthday person in mind. In fact, there is a candle for every day of the year. Each candle was created with a unique fragrance meant to bring out the best in them. 

The outside of the candle was designed to showcase a wealth of information about the person you’re giving it to. We took different elements from astrology, tarot, and numerology to come up with comprehensive insight into their unique and beautiful personality. They’re fashionable while also smelling great!

Plus, candles are a gift that everyone will appreciate, even without the extra insightfulness. They look great on the mantle, they make any home feel immediately cozier, and they just help the house to smell great. 

Our candles burn for up to 80 hours, so your birthday giftee and their houseguests can enjoy the fragrance for much longer than a lot of other candles out there. And don’t they deserve it?

Personalized Phone Cases

For the birthday person who always has their phone in their hand, why not get them a gift that will remind them how much you care every time they look at it?

Personalized phone cases are the perfect way to do that. You can put whatever you want on them, from photos of the two of you to designs that you know that they’ll love. Not only will these cases keep their phones safe and sound, but they’ll also look stylish! 

However, as part of your gift, maybe you can make a pact with them that you’ll both try to put the phones down and spend more time together in an unplugged way. Social media really can be bad for your health and can put a hurdle up to have normal relationships and healthy self-esteem. 

Taking just a little bit of time out from that to spend time without all of the extra connections is a great way to bring the two of you even closer!

Chef Aprons

For the birthday person who loves to spend time in the kitchen, but who already has everything kitchen-related, check out a personalized chef apron. You can find them to match any design aesthetic and color scheme out there. 

Have their name embroidered on the pocket, and watch their eyes light up when they open it! It’s a great way to show how much you enjoy their love for cooking, and maybe they’ll show you how thankful they are by cooking something for you, too.

In fact, we now know how important home cooking is to living a healthier lifestyle. When you cook at home, especially when you cook with people that you love, you tend to eat much healthier. 

That can also mean you can enjoy even more time with the people that you love! It’s not only healthier for you, but cooking together in the kitchen is a great bonding experience that helps bring the whole family closer together. 

A Birthdate Book

For the astrology lover who has been hinting about their interest in diving deeper into their own natal chart, why not give them even more insight? Our Birthdate Books are perfect for this occasion!

If you know the time that the giftee was born, and where they were born, contact us to have a book custom made with their star chart in mind. We look closely at where the sun and moon were at the exact moment that they were born, as well as the planets and other important astrological bodies. 

This can give them a lot of insight into who they are right now and how they can use that insight to guide the rest of their lives. It can also help them see where they may end up in life, and how they can make the best of what they were given by the universe.

In Summary

Personalized birthday gifts are the best way to show the important people in your life just how important they really are. When you put some thought into them and give them with love (and a handwritten card explaining just how much you care about them), you say a lot without really saying anything at all. 

Birthdate Co. has multiple options for you to choose from, each of which says something different but equally special. After all, it really is the thought that counts!


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